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Air Cannon Rental

Supercharge Your Events with T-shirt Cannon Rentals

Do you want to test an Air Cannon before you buy? You can rent one to see if it is a good fit for your marketing program. See for yourself the exciting effect the air cannon t-shirt gun will have on your audience.

Or rent one of our t-shirt cannons if you only need it for a one-time event. You better watch out -- our Air Cannons are pretty addictive.

You can rent a t-shirt cannon for a week for $295. We also offer longer and special circumstance rentals. Customized logo panels, t-shirts and other types of ammo can be included with your rental of an Air Cannon.

Please call us for more information or fill out a Contact form.


Rental Rates:

Hurricane 400 Air Cannon (Range: 10 - 400 feet)

$595 for week
$695 for month


Twister 325 Air Cannon (Range: 10 - 325 feet)

$495 for week
$595 for month


Squall 250 Air Cannon (Range: 10 - 250 feet)

$395 for week
$495 for month


Breeze 150 Air Cannon (Range: 10 - 150 feet)

$295 for week
$395 for month