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Air Cannon Models

Air Cannons - Your Fun, Novel Promotional Prop

Air Cannons are a unique, crowd entertaining way to market your team or company. You can use these custom crafted tools to launch t-shirts or other promotional items to fans, spectators, and employees.

Choose one of our five Air Cannon models based on the maximum launch distance you need for your events. For example, our Breeze 150 Air Cannon launches up to 150 feet - perfect for a party or corporate training session.


If your venue is a parade, high school gymnasium, small concert, race track, you’ll want an Air Cannon with a longer range. And if you want an Air Cannon for any type of event, our Hurricane 400 is for you. You can set the launch distance for up to 400 feet and anywhere in between.

Want even more power? Have us build you a Custom Air Cannon for launch distances farther than 600 feet. We can make it in any size or shape, as you can see at Custom Air Cannons.

Whichever model you choose, you get unsurpassed quality and a lifetime warranty. And you can customize your Air Cannon model with a variety of options.

Choose your favorite colors. Have an interchangeable logo panel or two on the side so you can display different sponsors at different events. Or have a decal right on the barrel. You can also opt for extra CO2 tanks, a travel / storage case, a refill station so you can fill your own tanks, and more.

Our expert staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Call us or fill out a Quote Form today to receive Air Cannon price quote!

Air Cannons t-shirt cannons are unique entertainment props that can be used in a variety of settings. The pneumatic launcher can launch promotional items, such as T-shirts, up to 400 feet or more. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, the Air Cannons launcher can capture the attention of large audiences.

In addition to quality and durable construction, each Air Cannon features a customized Team / Sponsor panel. This panel can carry your team or company logo. You may also use it as advertising space for sponsors. For example, during a time out of a game, the team mascot can install a sponsor logo onto the launcher. After the time out, the mascot can replace the sponsor logo with the team logo.

All models available for purchase or rental.