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You can use the ammo you already have (your own t-shirts, towels, balls, etc.) or we can provide you with all your ammo needs.  We test and approve all ammo purchased from us for use in your Air Cannon. 

Often it is asked, "what can you launch out of an Air Cannon?"  The short answer is anything that you can fit in the barrel (as long as it is soft). The most common ammo for Air Cannons are t-shirts, rally towels, stuffed animals, mini footballs or basketballs, stress balls, candy, hot dogs or brats, and confetti. Below are some examples of what you can use as ammo. If you have an idea for a blastable let us know - we can get it for you and/or provide you with testing to determine launch distance. Please contact us for pricing on any of these items.


We prepare your T-shirts. Pre-rolled and/or shrink wrapped - ready to launch
Stuffed Animals
Stress Men
Mad Cap Stress Faces
Stress Sports Balls
Various Stress Ball Shapes
Stress Relievers for every event to promote you company

Confetti and Streamers
Sportsballs - Footballs, baseballs, golf balls, basketballs, etc. - We got 'em