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The Exciting Way to Promote Your Business or Team

You're at a football game when the mascot suddenly bounds onto the field with an Air Cannon t-shirt launcher. The fans start yelling, cheering and waving their arms. They want that t-shirt!

The mascot loads our Air Cannon with a t-shirt, pulls the trigger and "boom!" The t-shirt soars into the audience. The fans erupt into a mad scramble to grab it out of the air.

But that's only the beginning. Again and again t-shirts fly into the crowd. The fans are going crazy. Sure, the fans come for the game. But they also expect more. They want to be entertained. And nothing is more exciting than a t-shirt launched into a crowd (except for your team winning the game).

Build Your Brand with a Customized Air Cannon

Stand out from your competitors with a custom Air Cannon design that everyone will remember.

"If you can dream it, we can build it!" is our motto. There are no limits on the air cannon designs we can build. We've built air cannons shaped like guitars, toothpaste tubes and even a portable drill.

For the Professional Bull Riders Association, we built a tank with a turret that swivels 360 degrees. Take a look at several of our custom designs

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